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Roleplaying Intensive Mud

Dark Isles is a free text-based role-playing game focusing on the development of intricate characters, and joining in with others in creating a continually evolving story based in an originally themed world. Unlike many other MUD styled games out there, Dark Isles is focused upon creative writing and telling a story. Here you will find no levels or classes, but tools to help provide focus and background for your character and the setting.

It’s Official, We’re Open

After a year of development we opened for play and testing officially on the 8th of July.

Still In Production

We are, however, still in the development, so please keep in mind that the setting for the game, as well as the code, will continue to develop and evolve for some time yet. We have some exciting things planned, both plot-wise and with code development, and hope you’ll be there to witness them and provide input and feed back to the staff.

Connection Details

Telnet address: Host: Port: 8000.

To connect to Dark Isles, you will need a telnet client such as Mush Client.

New Player Blog

One of our talented roleplayers (Kameo) has created a blog for their character. I would recommend going over to have a look as it is great reading, and if you are a newer player can help you get a feel for the world and what to expect.

From The Shadows

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